What is the Geo Web?

The Geo Web is a fair and productive property rights system for anchoring digital media to physical locations. It creates a shared augmented reality layer of the metaverse.

The Geo Web uses partial common ownership to administer its land market and fund public goods:

  1. Geo Web land parcels are NFTs that correspond to physical world locations.
  2. All land parcels have a publicly triggerable `For Sale Price` set by the current licensor.
  3. The current licensor must pay an annual `Network Fee` equal to 10% of their current `For Sale Price` to maintain their rights.
  4. `Network Fees` are used to fund public goods (not a centralized corporation). You have a say in how these funds are used!

The Geo Web is a geospatial successor to the World Wide Web.

Landholders can anchor NFTs, AR/VR, images, video, audio, data, and more within the geospatial bounds of their parcel as part of an open ecosystem (think of parcels like three-dimensional websites). Users naturally discover content anchored to Geo Web parcels with Spatial Browsers that navigate with geolocation instead of URLs.

arMediaBrowsing an AR Media Gallery on the Geo Web
Claiming a land parcel in New York City on the Geo Web