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What is the Geo Web?

The Geo Web is a fair and productive property rights system for anchoring digital media to physical locations. It creates a shared augmented reality layer of the metaverse.

The Geo Web uses partial common ownership to administer its land market and fund public goods:

  1. Geo Web land parcels are NFTs that correspond to physical world locations.
  2. All land parcels have a publicly triggerable `For Sale Price` set by the current licensor.
  3. The current licensor must pay an annual `Network Fee` equal to 10% of their current `For Sale Price` to maintain their rights.
  4. `Network Fees` are used to fund public goods and prosocial outcomes. Initially, funds are being stewarded by a multi-sig and will be used to fund matching pools for quadratic funding rounds.

The Geo Web is a geospatial extension of the World Wide Web.

Landholders can anchor NFTs, AR/VR, images, video, audio, data, and more within the geospatial bounds of their parcel as part of an open ecosystem (think of parcels like three-dimensional websites). Users naturally discover content anchored to Geo Web parcels with Spatial Browsers that navigate with geolocation instead of URLs.

arMediaBrowsing an AR Media Gallery on the Geo Web